RCAP Grant

The PSA PHCC Plumbing Apprenticeship School has been awarded $900,000 RCAP Grant through the Redevelopment Assistance Capitol Program. These funds will be used to complete a much needed renovation to our facility. Click on the link below to read Award Letter from the Governor’s Office.

  • Thank you to all Contractors & Students who sent in support letters when we first started this application process
  • We are anticipating beginning the construction in June or July

Pipe Cutting Ceremony on November 16, 2017

(L-R) James Kenney III, Charlie Gans, Bill Donovan Jr. and Donald Duck Sr. cutting the copper pipe for the official opening of the PSA PHCC Training Center

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We also welcome all Wholesalers, Manufacturers, Representatives, and Inspectors to join the PSA PHCC.

“I’ve been a member since 1994 and as I look back on it I can say yes it was worth every dollar. I had guys help me with no questions asked. We pull together and help each other out in times of need whether it be work related or code related or family related and I think of the PHCC as an extension of my family.”

John Briddes
“We have been members since the 1950s and believe it helps build connections and advocate for our industry. PSA PHCC fosters an amazing network of individuals that contribute valuable resources, share best practices and strategies to help us grow & strengthen our business.”

Dara Gans

“We joined the PHCC in 2014 and our business takes advantage of things offered to us through the PHCC. We found our health and business insurance through the PHCC. We have apprentices and technicians attend school, whether it is apprentice school, HVAC, training seminars.”

Mary Beth Joseph